Club Policies and Procedures

Use of Mobile Devices

On The Course

The use of mobile devices on the course is strictly prohibited. Phones may be carried in golf bags on the course; however devices must be switched off, and may only be used for golf related emergencies only.

In The Clubhouse

Mobile devices ARE to be turned to “silent” or “off” when entering the clubhouse. In the event of needing to use a device for making and receiving calls, only the car park area or within the locker room, will be the permitted area for use.

Devices on silent mode cannot be answered or be operated until within these designated areas.

Use of mobile devices for making and receiving texts and emails is permitted, but members and guests should be aware of and take consideration of others when using these facilities.

Dogs Policy

Dogs (except guidedogs) are not allowed in the Clubhouse. Dogs outside and on Club premises must be kept on a lead at all times

Data Protection Policy

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Use of Buggies in Club Competitions

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Adverse Weather Policy

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Equality & Diversity Policy

» WABGC Equality & Diversity Policy

Ready Golf

Our policy of being ready to play, not playing when you’re ready.

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